Leadi’s Loco Life…

What happens when you combine a funky, sassy Latinx bilingual pencil (lapiz) from the Bronx? Someone who burst out in sporadic singing and dancing moments and whose personality is larger than life? Leadi!!!

Created with love in Puerto Rico by her owner, Leadi and other beautiful unique hand-crafted items arrived in the US to be showcased and sold at a novelty shop (tienda de novedades) in the Bronx, NY. Leadi loved living at the novelty shop (tienda de novedades) and enjoyed Mr. & Mrs. Cruz, the loving family who moved everyone to the United States so that they could start a business. Leadi watched customers admire the customs gifts from her Hispanic heritage and she enjoyed listening to the sounds of salsa music played throughout the shop as she often sang and danced along. Leadi loved her friends in the shop and was often sad when her friends were chosen by customers who loved the crafted items from Puerto Rico that they would take home. Leadi knew that she would one day have a family of her own.

One Saturday afternoon, a mother and her daughter, Briana (BrianaÕs Neighborhood Book Series) visited the novelty shop (tienda de novedades). The young girl admired the display of unique pencils and expressed her love for writing to Mr. Cruz. Briana noticed the unique coloring of Leadi and she was immediately drawn to her. Leadi and her pencil (lapiz) friends were given a new home.

Leadi truly loved Briana and the way that she handled her pencils (lapiz) with care. Briana loved to travel with her pencils in her backpack and write about her experiences. She was particularly fond of Leadi and used her often to write all her stories. Leadi loved Briana and sang to her even though Briana could not hear her. Unfortunately for Leadi, she could only communicate with other pencils and office supplies. Leadi loved to sing and dance and wanted to be a superstar.

LeadiÕs life and journey immediately changes forever when her curious nature thrusts her into an unknown environment in New York City.

How does Leadi handle the change and the unpredictable journey ahead of her? How does she ultimately get back to the comfort that she knows and loves? Experience LeadiÕs journey as a pencil and her ever changing environment. How does she find her way in New York City and who does she meet along the way? Ay dios mio! Donde esta Leadi?!