What do you get when you cross a spunky, outspoken pencil, combined with a female Latino accent? Leadi!

Created in Puerto Rico by her loving Craftsman, owner Mr. Cruz, Leadi and other traditional inspired supplies and artifacts started a new life at a novelty shop in Bronx, NY. Leadi loved living at the novelty shop and enjoyed Mr. & Mrs. Cruz, the loving family who moved everyone to the United States so that they could start a business. Leadi watched customers admire the customs gifts of Puerto Rico and she enjoyed listening to the sounds of Latin music played throughout the shop as she often sang along.

One day a mother and her daughter, (Briana) visited the shop. The young girl admired the display of unique pencils and expressed her love for writing to Mr. Cruz. Mr. Cruz, very impressed with Briana and her love to create and write, gifted Leadi and a couple of her pencil friends to Briana. Leadi and her friends were given a new home. Leadi truly loved Briana and the way that she took care of her pencils. Briana loved to travel with her pencils in her backpack and write about her experiences.

Leadiís life and journey immediately changes, when her curious nature to experience, pushes her into an unknown environment in New York City.

How does Leadi handle the change and the unpredictable journey ahead of her? How does she ultimately get back to the comfort that she knows and loves with Briana and her friends?

Experience Leadiís journey as a pencil and her ever changing environment. How does she find her way in New York City and who does she meet along the way? Ay dios mio! Where is Leadi?!